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Re: Disk performance issue - CVS on AIX

From: iain . mees
Subject: Re: Disk performance issue - CVS on AIX
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 10:01:59 +0100


We run a massive CVS repository here at British Airways on AIX5.3. I have 
customised it significantly and it is running in a chroot jail rather than 
native for security reasons.

Running from /tmp is not something I have ever heard of, or would 
recommend (/tmp is for temporary files, not applications). CVS is not 
really CPU bound, but can be rather i/o bound when it comes to checking a 
number of items in/out. It also tends to use /tmp frequently as a 
temporary storage area. As your repository is also in /tmp I would be 
inclined to say that your i/o is out performing your disk capability.

If I remember correctly, you can change the cvs temp area (during compile 
I think). but your most sensible thing would be to move your repository to 
a proper filesystem, preferably on a different physical disk.

With regard to SSH being slow... If you are running OpenSSH, then try 
making it running it as a daemon rather than via inetd. That way it 
doesn't need to start for every connection as its already in storage.

Hope this helps


"Bill V Vickery" <wvvicke@regence.com> 
Sent by: bug-cvs-bounces+iain.mees=ba.com@nongnu.org
26/09/2008 05:15


Disk performance issue - CVS on AIX

Anyone aware of a disk performance issue with CVS in AIX 5.2, where 
repository is located in /tmp and generating sufficient I/O load that it 
brings rootvg disks to 100%, with essentially zero throughput.  System 
becomes unresponsive taking several minutes just to open a new ssh 
session.  Any comments/advice would be appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

Bill Vickery
RITS/UNIX Team lead
Office: (801) 333-5818

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