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CVS Client Authentication Issue

From: Raqib_Anwar
Subject: CVS Client Authentication Issue
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 11:46:59 -0500

We are having problem authenticating CVS client after LDAP was implemented
on the server.  After specifying CVSROOT in client side it says user name
and password does not exist. However when try the same approach using an
account created locally on the server (nonLDAP), it works fine.  We enabled
the trace from CVS client, but all we see is the following.

    Sample CVSROOT that is being used to connect is
      When successful:  I LOVE YOU
      When it fails:           I HATE YOU
That was all the trace we could get.
We are currently using CVS version 1.11.22  using Unix on  AIX 5.3
   Client is CVS plugin through Rational Application Developer V7.x .
   Corresponding eclipse version is 3.4

If there is no resolution to the issue, we may resort to  PAM

Can you please advise which version of CVS can be considered compatible and
stable for implementing PAM authentication ?


Raqib Anwar

Integrated Development Environment Architecture and Support
(312) 653-7802


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