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Re: cvsnt bug? (No recursive checkout)

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: cvsnt bug? (No recursive checkout)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 09:18:36 -0400
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info-cvs@nongnu.org is the appropriate place to discuss user problems.
Please drop bug-cvs from any further replies.

hq9000 wrote, On 06/14/2009 03:41 PM:
Hi all,

Has anybody seen something like this?

When I do "cvs co" it creates a directory for the module but without any
-R does not help. This is sort of thing that I expect to work fine after
moving from linux world.
But it does not.

I fighted with it for a while to discover that I can apply this kind of
1. Do cvs co ./ - this will create hidden CVS dir in the current directory.
2. Do cvs co %module_name% - in this case it will do it right - that is,

Apparently this dummy checkout makes the magic.

I'm not sure if this is a known bug or I did something wrong while creating

Any suggestion is highly welcome!

Take care,

check what ever tool you are using (I am assuming from some of your text that you are on windows instead of Unix), for where it keeps either the .cvsrc or it's default options.

if the .cvsrc (or it's equivalent) has "checkout -P" or "co -P" then CVS is doing exactly as it is supposed to do, i.e. any empty directories are pruned.

BTW if you really are on windows, you should probably be asking for detailed help in the CVSNT/WinCVS/Tortoise lists. If you are not on windows, I suggest providing the following: OS & version, `cvs version`, exact command line used.

Following list borrowed from Arthur Barrett
CVSNT newsgroup:
WinCVS newsgroup:
TortoiseCVS newsgroup:

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