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[bug #29507] cvs update -j update timestamp of unchanged files

From: Olexiy Buyanskyy
Subject: [bug #29507] cvs update -j update timestamp of unchanged files
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 14:06:04 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #29507 (project cvs):

Here is more information
I have tested this with client/server 1.11.23 and 1.12.13. Both give
identical results.
But as I discovered this behavior related to -kk option and key words
expansion. To reproduce you need a text file myfile.txt with 

"$Name$ $Id$"

Use regular checkout command no -kk option

cvs co myfile.txt

You will see expanded variables and timestamp will be set to original time
from cvs server. Create new branch for this file.

$ cvs -q tag -b TESTBRANCH myfile.txt

Now use

$ cvs -q update -kk -j HEAD -j TESTBRANCH myfile.txt
U myfile.txt

Because of keywords expansion you will see that file got updated.
And you will see that keyword were collapsed.

If you run again simple

$ cvs -q update
U myfile.txt

Again file will be updated and timestamp will be changed. 
To avoid such unneeded updates original checkout has to be done with -kk

$ cvs co -kk myfile.txt

But I think nobody care about -kk during checkout.

Imaging situation if you have 1000 source files (all have key words). You
modified just single file on development branch. Merged development branch to
HEAD in precompiled workspace and now you see recompilation of all files just
because of keywords expansion bug.

I think -kk option should collapse keywords of original source before patch


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