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CVS - check revision number of file is valid

From: Sunil Saxena
Subject: CVS - check revision number of file is valid
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 19:40:47 -0400


i am making a build application
CVS is used as repository along with ANT scripts to checkout file revision
from CVS.

Following command is used:
<cvs cvsRoot="${cvs.root}" command="checkout -r ${file.revision.number}
${file.path}/${file.name}" dest="${build.src.path}" > </cvs>

Error message is thrown by CVS when file-name of file-path is incorrect.
But only get warning message when revision number of file-name is incorrect

Is there a way to generate error if the file-revision number of file is
incorrect ??
Would like the build to fail if the file-name /  revision number of file is


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