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CVS Source Code

From: Flávio Medeiros
Subject: CVS Source Code
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 23:07:33 -0300


I'm studying the source code of CVS. I found an interesting things and I'm
really excited to get an answer from a real developer. I found the
following code (file buffer.c):

if (current_parsed_root->method != server_method)
#ifndef (NO_SOCKET_TO_FD)
if (S_ISSOCK (s.st_mode))
shutdown (fileno (bc->fp), 0);
  else if (pclose (bc->fp) == EOF){
error (1, errno, "closing connection to
%s",current_parsed_root->hostname); closefp
= 0;

It is clear to me that we can generate invalid source codes depending on
the configuration used. For example, if we have SHUTDOWN_SERVER not defined
and START_RSH_WITH_POPEN_RW defined. Is it a valid configuration? Is there
any place on the source code that you ensure that (START_RSH_WITH_POPEN_RW)
requires SHUTDOWN_SERVER and NO_SOCKET_TO_FD. Is it an error?

Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

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