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RE: CVS PAM Authentication on HP UX Server

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS PAM Authentication on HP UX Server
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 09:08:00 +1100

Hi Rajesh,

According to the cederqvist documentation for both CVS 1.12.13 CVS
1.12.11, the PAM support is 'experimental' (see page 26):

"Note that PAM is an experimental feature in cvs and feedback is
encouraged. Please send a mail to one of the cvs mailing lists
(info-cvs@nongnu.org or bug-cvs@nongnu.org) if you use the cvs PAM

In addition you need to check that the 'build' of cvs 1.12.11 you are
using was 'configured/compiled' using './configure --enable-pam'.

I'm currently based in Sydney, and the company I work for produce and
maintain 'CVS Suite (CVSNT)' for HPUX (both PA-Risc and Itanium), and we
include PAM support in that.  Our product is listed in the HP
AllianceONE catalog under 'CVS Suite Server', if you do a Partner
solution search of 'cvs' you'll find us easily.  I've not personally
used PAM on HPUX, but we have the facilities here in Sydney to test and
fix any related problem.  

If you'd consider upgrading (fully backwards compatible with CVS 1.x)
then please give me a call or email.


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager
CVS Suite
Ph: 1800-092-886
    (02) 8212 4409

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> Subject: CVS PAM Authentication on HP UX Server
> Hi Team,
> We have already installed CVS server on some of our HP UX 
> machines. Recently all these servers have been integrated 
> with Active Directory for LDAP authentication.
> Could you please let me know how I can reconfigure the 
> existing CVS on these servers to support PAM authentication 
> without affecting any of the existing data?
> CVS version is 1.12.11
> [HP]<http://www.hp.com/>
> Rajesh
> Rajesh Kota
> Technology Consultant.
> HP Enterprise Services | Telstra Account - USM.
> Level 19, 300 Latrobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
> Desk: +61 (0)3 8697 1658 | Mob: +61 (0)4 2702 1215
> E-mail: rajesh.kota@hp.com<mailto:rajesh.kota@hp.com>
> Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM AEST (GMT +10:00).
> Planned Leave : None, Company Holiday :  None

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