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Re: Conflicts

From: Steve Glasgow
Subject: Re: Conflicts
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 10:14:35 -0700 (PDT)
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In summary:

Something strange happens from time to time.  I haven't found a reproducible 
pattern to it.

Sometimes CVS indicates conflicts in files when 1) none of those files have 
changed locally, 2) some of those files may have been changed/added in the 
repository, and 3) there are no <<<<< >>>>> markers in the files after the cvs 
update command.

Solution, so far, is to delete those files locally and do another cvs update.  
This pulls down the latest copy from the repository again.

Looking into the Entries file WRT the files that have conflicts, I see lines 
like the following:

/<filename1.java>/1.8/Thu Apr  9 19:04:33 2015//
/<filename2.java>/1.2/restored+Tue Aug 11 15:41:44 2015//
/<filename3.java>/1.2/Thu May 15 16:55:18 2014//

The abnormality is <filename2.java>, which is one of the files showing a 
conflict (that isn't actually a conflict).  That file has NOT been modified in 
the sandbox, and is new to the repository, and has "restored+" attached to the 
time stamp.

This seems to happen only to .java files.  We are using Eclipse for 
development. We have NOT set up eclipse to access CVS in any way.

A google search for "cvs" and "restored+" turns up several links about this.  
One of which is:


You will see a line that says the following:

protected static final String TIMESTAMP_DELETED_AND_RESTORED = "restored+"; 

Clicking on TIMESTAMP_DELETED_AND_RESTORED shows where this variable is used.

I think eclipse is just checking for the restored+ string and adjusting their 
internal variables appropriately.  

I think that CVS is putting the restored+ in the Entries file.  How and why?
Does anybody know how I can stop this from happening?

It's possible eclipse is doing it, but I don't see that in their code.

Does anyone know of why this situation might be occurring?  What is the 
restored+ used for?

Thank you in advance,

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