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Re: core dump in mv

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: core dump in mv
Date: 18 Jan 2001 17:53:21 +0100
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Thanks for the report.
That's fixed in the latest test release.


Ward Vandewege <address@hidden> wrote:
|       mv dumps core when moving an existing directory, specified
| with a trailing slash. The destination must not exist yet. My
| distribution is a RedHat 7.0 with all the latest patches.
| Repeat-By:
|       address@hidden update_ns]# mv /var/named/dnsba/ /tmp/file
|       mv: basename.c:67: base_name: Assertion `all_slashes || *(p -
| 1) != '/'' failed.
|       Aborted (core dumped)
|       the directory /var/named/dnsba exists, /tmp/file does not
| exist.

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