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Querry about building rpm

From: Animesh Bhowmick
Subject: Querry about building rpm
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 15:11:49 +0530

Dear Sir,
I have some querry about creating rpms.
i have created a file called "abacos-2.1-1.spec" which is given below.

Summary: Abacos project with MPI
Name: abacos
Version: 2.1
Release: 1
Copyright: GPL
Group: Utilities/System
Source : abacos.tar.gz
BuildRoot: /home/animesh
%prep -c
%setup -c
This program runs MPI for version 2.1
#cd /home/animesh/abacos-2.1
cp -r /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/abacos-2.1 /home/animesh/abacos-2.1
#install -s -m 755 abacos-2.1 /home/animesh/abacos-2.1
#install -s -m 755 -o 0 -g 0 abacos /home/animesh/abacos-2.1
#install -m 644 -o 0 -g 0 abacos.1  /home/animesh/abacos-2.1



1. The tar.gz is picked up by default from /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
directory. Can this be changed?
2. Right now, I donot have a make option for creating binary. How can I
create one and in which directory should the makefile reside?
3. Also I am not able to install. So I just used copy command. Package
is created but when I querry, it says not installed. How does one

Can you give some ideas?


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