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Re: chmod problem

From: Matthew Schalit
Subject: Re: chmod problem
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 12:10:40 -0700

address@hidden wrote:
> Hello there,
> how come that the permissin never changed.
> the command is
> chmod 755 filename
> Thanks,
> -alex

Hi Alex,

Please try the following commands and paste in the

$ cd /tmp
$ touch foobar
$ ls -l foobar
$ /usr/local/bin/chmod --version
$ /usr/local/bin/chmod 755 foobar
$ ls -l foobar
$ /usr/local/bin/chmod 710 foobar
$ ls -l foobar

You can capture all that with typescript if you
didn't know that, or just use X, copy, and paste.

You might also tell us what OS you are running.
Good luck, those commands worked for me.

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