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Re: dd translation problem

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: dd translation problem
Date: 11 Apr 2001 19:10:51 +0200
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Thanks for the report.
I'm pretty sure the conversion tables in dd are the ones required
by the standards.  There are a few different flavors of EBCDIC.
Perhaps all you need is to add an additional step in
your conversion process that maps the x85 to a newline.

  dd if=hello.C conv=ascii | tr '\205' '\n' > hello.Ca

Another alternative is to use recode.
It can convert between three variants of EBCDIC and
just about any other encoding imaginable.

"William Jay Huie" <address@hidden> wrote:
| Hello,
|      I'm writing regarding ACSII to EBCDIC translation for dd.
|      I was using dd to translate the hello.C file which was created and
| obtained from one of our native EBCDIC systems.
|      I ran; dd if=hello.C of=hello.Ca conv=ascii to create the hello.Ca
| file.
|      The problem seems to be that dd translates the EBCDIC NewLine
| character x15 into ASCII x85. There's not really an ASCII NewLine per say,
| but I think it would be better to translate the EBCDIC x15 into an ASCII
| CarriageReturn or LineFeed.

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