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TODO list

From: Gracjan Ziolek
Subject: TODO list
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 11:27:49 +0200
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Is anything from fileutils TODO file being currently developed? If not, what
would be the first to be made? I have some spare time and I think I could do
something. Please give details on it.

[things from TODO that I could possibly take]

./mv --backup --version-con= b~ b gets *no* error

chown --from, from Andries Brouwer

chown, cp, etc: don't use chown on symlinks

cp -f (and install, etc.) fail when the destination is a dangling symlink

make ls's size field wider, so files of size > 9,999,999 don't cause

all programs that accept --verbose: accept `-v' as an abbreviation

make sure we don't allow `mv '' /tmp' to do anything on systems that
    let us stat the zero-length string

(gz), http://www.gacek.w.pl/

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