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Re: Compiling fileutils 4.1 with OS/2

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: Compiling fileutils 4.1 with OS/2
Date: 05 Jun 2001 01:08:06 +0200
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Andreas Buening <address@hidden> wrote:
| I downloaded the latest version of the GNU file utilities from
| ftp.gnu.org and tried to compile it with OS/2. I encountered a lot of
| problems, until I finally got some executables. (And there is some
| work to do to get the executables working properly).
| There are three kinds of problems:
| 1) configuring problems
| 2) symbolic links (the functions lstat, readlink, link, ...
|    are missing)
| 3) OS/2 specific stuff: e.g. extended file attributes
| I think all of them can be solved without too much trouble.
| My first question is: Are you willing to implement my changes into
| the offical distribution? If yes, are you willing to discuss

I'm willing to listen.  1 and 3 sound doable.

As for #2, I'm very skeptical of adding #if* directives to work around
a system that's so backwards that it doesn't even have lstat, readline,
link functions.  It would help if you could convince me that providing
OS/2 support would be worthwhile.

| how to solve some problems consistently (e.g. by introducing a new
| macro HAVE_LSTAT)?

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