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PATCH: ls option for octal mode

From: David Schweikert
Subject: PATCH: ls option for octal mode
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:48:29 +0200
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I have made a patch for fileutils that I thought would be useful integrating
in the official version.

The patch adds the --numeric-mode (-M) option to ls that makes it list octal
modes instead of symbolic modes. I use often the octal notation for file modes
and I find it practical to have an output option for ls to display them.
I also removed an unneeded added space in the output (after the symbolic mode)
for systems that do not support ACLs.

I have updated the documentation, but not the po files...

  __| |___   David Schweikert <address@hidden>
 / _` / __|  IT Support Group, EE-Dept, ETH-Zurich
| (_| \__ \  Tel: +41(0)1-6327019  Room: ETL F24.1
 \__,_|___/  http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~dws/

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