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Re: question of cygwin "df" command and support for Network drives

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: question of cygwin "df" command and support for Network drives
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 17:35:40 -0600

> I'm running cygin on Windows 2000.
> I've got a network drive, ie:
> Type:  Network Drive
> File system:  NTFS
> that I can't seem to get the disk usage statistics for.  Is there =
> something
> I'm missing, or is this not supported?
> The output of "df -a" gives me only local drives.  Any ideas?
> David A. King
> Hardware Verification Engineer
> Parthus Technologies
> (512) 249-2330  Ext. 226
> address@hidden

Thank you for your report.  If you could make your report to the
Cygwin group it would be most appreciated.


Cygwin Home Page:

Cygwin Bug Report Guidelines:

  Where should I send bug reports?

  First, you need to verify that your potential bug hasn't already
  been reported by reading the Cygwin FAQ and the mailing list
  archives. If your issue is still unresolved, feel free to write to
  the cygwin list with your problem.

  Please consider investigating it yourself and sending us patches if
  you figure out a solution. Bug reports without solutions are also
  welcome -- send a detailed description (with a test case if
  possible) to the Cygwin mailing list after reading our bug reporting
  guidelines. Due to the mailing list volume, we don't always reply to
  individual bug reports sent to the list but we do keep track of

  Bug reporting guidelines

       Use a subject line that describes the issue well: 

       Good examples: 
             "1.1.8: select bug (NT and 95)" 
             "1.1.6: problem building perl" 
             "1.1.8: question about catting binary files in bash" 

       Bad examples: 
             "porting problem" 
             "bash question"
             "newbie needs help" 

       This also applies to general discussion. It's very hard to
       follow the list when most of the subject lines look very

       In your description, show how to reproduce the problem. This
       means including a test case if at all possible.

       At the very least, always include which cygwin beta release you
       are using and give the operating system and its version
       number. E.g.  "cygwin v1.1.9 under NT 4.0".

       Run cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out and include that in your

       Keep in mind that there are over 1500 people on the mailing
       list. Try to avoid "me too" responses or reporting problems
       that have already been reported. It's hard enough keeping up
       with the volume as it is...

       Include a patch to fix the problem if you can. Please see how
       to contribute for more information.

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