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Re: ls does not alphabetize as of old

From: Matthew Schalit
Subject: Re: ls does not alphabetize as of old
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 10:07:25 -0700

"James W. Haefner" wrote:
> I just installed RedHat7.1 and find to my great dismay that ls
> does not do strict ascii char alphabetization.  It says it does
> in the info file, but in operation uppercase is listed with lower case and
> leding non-alphanumeric letters are ignored.
> You may think this is a feature, but without an option to return
> to the old (and if I may be so bold, CORRECT) method, this is a
> bug.
> If I sound disgruntled, it is because I am.  If this is a Redhat thing
> then I apologize, but 'ls --help' directed me to you.

It's a feature.  It's POSIX.  It's a FAQ.  There's a workaround.
Set LC_COLLATE=C or LC_COLLATE=POSIX, rather than the locale it's
set to right now.  It's ruffled a few feathers :)  Be sure to export
your vars.
Be well,

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