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A couple of suggestions about fileutils 4.1

From: Ral Nez de Arenas Coronado
Subject: A couple of suggestions about fileutils 4.1
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 15:54:36 +0200

    Hello everybody :))

    I have a couple of suggestions about fileutils. The first of all
is putting the bug reporting address in the info documentation O:)

    The most important suggestion is allowing the 'dd' command to
report statistics and (if possible) speed. The most important part is
the statistics. I like to know if dd is doing its duty when I clone
hard disks. When I come back a couple of hours later and 'dd' hasn't
finished yet I would like to know if 'dd' is yet copying blocks or if
the source has blocked, etc... I would like some kind of indication.

    Anyway I wouldn't like an interactive 'dd', it would mess up the
program; I'd like a kind of signal that could be sent to 'dd' in
order to make it spit some stats thru 'stderr'.

    If you consider this suggestion interesting I can implement it as
soon as I get familiar with the code of 'dd'.

    Thanks a lot for fileutils :)))


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