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dd suggestion

From: Rob Bos
Subject: dd suggestion
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 11:39:36 -0700
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Good day;

I've run in to a couple of situations where it would be nice to be able to
control the rate at which binary data goes through a pipe - for instance,
in limiting bandwidth, or limiting the amount of data transferred from
one device to another..

and I think dd would benefit from that feature; I suggest the "rate" parameter,
which determines the number of blocks per second.  That way, we could do
something like

dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/hdb1 bs=10k rate=10

to do a transfer from hda1 to hdb1, using ten kilobyte blocks, at 10 blocks
per second (maximum).  This makes it more predictable, and might reduce I/O
load on the rest of the system.

another useful situation:

tar cz /home | dd bs=10k rate=10 | ssh remotehost tar zxv

to limit the transfer to a maximum of 10 10kb blocks per second.  This eases
up on network traffic.

In any case, it's a wishlist item.

Rob Bos

Rob Bos - System Administration
Wizard IT Services - http://www.wizard.ca http://linuxmagic.com
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