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Re: mv (fileutils) 4.1 overwrites readonly file

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: mv (fileutils) 4.1 overwrites readonly file
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 18:06:59 +0200
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Thanks a lot for the report!
That is indeed a bug: POSIX requires that mv prompt the user in that case.
I've just fixed it for the next release.

Vin Shelton <address@hidden> wrote:
> Try the following:
>   touch foo bar
>   chmod 444 foo bar
>   mv --version  ==> mv (fileutils) 4.1
>   mv foo bar
> Under fileutils 4.1 this overwrites bar without any question.  Under
> older versions of fileutils (4.0p, for example), this generated a
> query:
>   touch foo bar
>   chmod 444 foo bar
>   /bin/mv --version ==> mv (GNU fileutils) 4.0p
>   /bin/mv foo bar ==> /bin/mv: overwrite `bar', overriding mode 0444?
> This is similar to a bug I reported on 4.0.40 where rm would not
> prompt before erasing a readonly file.
> If this new behavior is intentional, is there any way to get the old
> behavior back?

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