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ls; colorisation limitation ( $LS_COLORS)

From: gduncan
Subject: ls; colorisation limitation ( $LS_COLORS)
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 16:10:07 +0000

G'day , Mr. Gnu :-)

        I'm a LINUX user who really likes the colorisation option
of 'ls' ( the "orphaned symlink" one is stroke of inspiration).

But, unless I've missed the obvious, there are inbuilts for 
file-types which override and shell $LS_COLOR specifications,
for file suffix types.

Example ; I want ".py" file to be displayed in GREEN but if I set their
file permissions to 'executable', they are displayed in RED (which
is the default executable color).

So in short, my strong preference is for files to be displayed
as per the **first** specification in $LS_COLORS.

Btw, I've just download the latest GNU fileutils and I'll soon hack
up ls.c to  behave as per my preferences.

- Gary ( hacking PD c-programs for last 25 years :-)

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