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Possible chgrp bug

From: David Smith-BEng
Subject: Possible chgrp bug
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 12:13:31 +0100

I'm emailing to report a possible bug in chgrp.  I am not a linux expert by
any means, so it is possible that I have misunderstood or misused the
utility, in which case, apologies in advance.

FYI I am using RedHat 7.1 (Kernel 2.4).  The man page reports the version of
fileutils to be 4.0.36.

As "root" I was in a users directory (user "mark") and performed a
        chown -R mark *
which worked as expected.  I then did a
        chgrp -R mark *
but an "ls -la" showed that the group hadn't changed for hidden . files.
The owner HAD taken effect on the hidden . files.

I believe this to be a bug.  The following I am not sure whether it is a bug
or my own stupid mis-use:

I then tried doing
        chgrp -R mark .*
to change the . files.  I realised quite quickly that this was taking longer
than I expected and CTRL-C'ed it.  I found that this command had moved into
the parent (..) directory and was starting to change the group of all files
in all other users home directory.  Luckily I stopped it before it had
processed more than a few directories.  I am not sure if this is expected
behaviour or another bug.

Many thanks,

--Dave Smith


David Smith | Broadcast Systems Engineer

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