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Unicode filenames & "ls"

From: Bryce Nesbitt
Subject: Unicode filenames & "ls"
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 10:55:39 -0400


I've been experimenting with unicode filenames on my system.  I'm using utf-8 
(which is the same 8-bit compatible method used by Solaris).  It all works 
reasonably, but a core program does not cooperate.  That program is of 
course, "ls".

"ls" has a complex "quoting" mechanism that really destroys the utf-8 
sequences.  Here's a patch:

HardHat:src> diff ls.c ls.c.v
<   size_t len;
>   size_t len = quotearg_buffer (smallbuf, sizeof smallbuf, name, -1, 
<   // If there's no quoting or string mangling to do, don't do it.
<   // The algorithims below will mangle certain multibyte sequences
<   // such as Unicode utf-8.
<   //
<   // xterm -u8 -fn 
<   // printf("QS:%d", get_quoting_style(NULL));
<   if( !get_quoting_style(NULL) )
<     {
<       displayed_width = strlen(name);
<       if (out != NULL)
<         fwrite (name, 1, displayed_width, out);
<       return displayed_width;
<     }
<   // Actually do something.
<   len = quotearg_buffer (smallbuf, sizeof smallbuf, name, -1, options);

And an attached .gif showing the results (in logical Hebrew).

Is there anyone else interested in this issue?  Can you suggest a better
way to do this patch? 


PS: Here are some utf-8 references.  utf-8 is identical to ascii for ascii
characters.  latin-1 characters end up as two bytes.  Many unicode
charcters end up as three.  All the usual C utilities work great with utf-8,
except that strlen() returns a different length than will be printed, if
there are non-ascii characters present.  utf-8 never reuses / or any
other ascii character.

  if (c < 0x80) {
    putchar (c);
  else if (c < 0x800) {
    putchar (0xC0 | c>>6);
    putchar (0x80 | c & 0x3F);
  else if (c < 0x10000) {
    putchar (0xE0 | c>>12);
    putchar (0x80 | c>>6 & 0x3F);
    putchar (0x80 | c & 0x3F);
  else if (c < 0x200000) {
    putchar (0xF0 | c>>18);
    putchar (0x80 | c>>12 & 0x3F);
    putchar (0x80 | c>>6 & 0x3F);
    putchar (0x80 | c & 0x3F);


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