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Re: bug report about dd

From: kelvin . g . wang
Subject: Re: bug report about dd
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 16:16:24 +0800

Hard to tell what's wrong when you don't mention the version of dd
you're using or even the type/version of your OS.

i'm using fileutils-4.0p, mandrake8.0/2.4.3

The above works fine for me with dd from fileutils-4.1 on both
linux-2.2.18 and linux-2.4.9.

If it still fails when using the latest version of dd,
then run the command like this

sorry, i can't find the latest version of dd

  strace -o syscall-trace dd if=/tmp/test.gz of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k seek=400

and send me the `syscall-trace' file it creates.

i give you the file      (See attached file: syscall-trace)

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