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Bug in "ls"

From: Brian M. Sutin
Subject: Bug in "ls"
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 14:38:08 -0700
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I just installed RedHat 7.1.  The "ls" utility does not function
properly.  The version is:

    Z86) ls --version
    ls (GNU fileutils) 4.0.36
    Written by Richard Stallman and David MacKenzie.

 Accorinding the the manual,

   These options change the order in which `ls' sorts the information
   it outputs.  By default, sorting is done by character code (e.g., ASCII

When I "ls -a" my main directory, I get:

    Z82) /bin/ls -a
    .              Files            .muttrc                        term
    ..             finance          .netscape                      tree
    .acrorc        font             .nutmeg_history                .twmrc
    .alias         .fvwm2rc         observe                        VOLVO
    .bash_history  .fvwmrc          optics                         .where
    .bash_logout   health           optwiz                         .wine
    .bash_profile  house            papers                         .workmandb
    .bashrc        .ICEauthority    .pgp                           .workmanrc
    bin            imacs            PHONE                          .xauth
    Books          .ispell_english  radio                          .Xauthority
    .calendar      jobs             .RealNetworks_RealMediaSDK_60  .Xdefaults
    .calendar~     .kde             .RealNetworks_RealPlayer_60    .Xdefaults~
    camp           lib              .RealNetworks_RealShared_00    .xinitrc
    china          libretto         .sawfish                       
    .cshrc         lists            schatz                         .XKeysymDB
    cut.c          .login           .screenrc                      .xmodmaprc
    .cvspass       .mailcap         sherline                       .xresdir
    dance          .mc              shid                           .xsession
    .ee            .mh_profile      .signature                     
    .emacs         .micqrc          src                            .yudit
    .environ       .mime.types      .ssh                           .yuditrc
    EVENT          monogram         stuff                          zf
    Events         .mozilla         tablet                         zot
    exin           .msgid.cache     tar

This is not in ASCII order.  I can find no flag for "ls" which
corrects this bug.



Brian M. Sutin        Optical Scientist        Pasadena, CA
The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington

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