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fileutils-4.1 df fails to build on AIX

From: Allen Belletti
Subject: fileutils-4.1 df fails to build on AIX
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 17:30:26 -0500


I've run across a situation with fileutils-4.1 where df fails to compile
under AIX.  The machine is a B80 with 4x375MHz Power3 processors.  OS
version is

The problem appears to be that configure chooses an incorrect means of
reading the list of mounted filesystems.  Specifically, "MOUNTED_GETMNTENT1"
was being defined as 1.  The resulting df reported that it was "unable to
read the list of mounted filesystems."  To fix this, I edited config.h to
remove the previous definition and instead define "MOUNTED_VMOUNT" as 1,
which was listed as being appropriate for AIX.  This produced a working df

Hope that this is useful.  Sorry I cannot spend more time to determine a
proper fix to the package, but perhaps this will help somewhat.

Allen Belletti
System Administrator
Digital Motorworks
Phone: 512-692-1024
Fax: 512-349-9366

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