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Running "chmod o-rx .*" in /root/ dir "FreeBSD"

From: Craig Carey
Subject: Running "chmod o-rx .*" in /root/ dir "FreeBSD"
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 07:22:03 +1300

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Maybe a special prompt should be produced to stop the problem described
below. The leading "." has got mixed with 2 different meanings:
 * hidden files start with "."
 * the directory above is ".."

Thinking of pattern matching could lead to the current behaviour. It
may be better to change it.

At 2001.October.28 12:17 -0500 Sunday, Philip Mak <address@hidden> wrote:

  Subject was: (Re: Stupid, stupid

>I just did a stupid thing to lock myself out of one of my boxes that I
>only have remote ssh access to. I thought I'd share it with you guys so
>that no one else makes the same mistake.
>Never type "chmod o-rx .*" when logged in as root, inside root's home
>directory (/root). That will affect .. as well, meaning that the directory
>"/" will no longer be accessible to normal users.
>Now I can't ssh into my box (any attempt to connect will say "Cannot find
>root directory" and kick me out) to fix this, so I have to wait for the
>guy who has physical access to the box to fix it.
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