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Logging install

From: Sverre H. Huseby
Subject: Logging install
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 00:32:12 +0100
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In 1997 I mailed you a patch to the install program in fileutils 3.16
to make it log installations to a file.  It has proven very useful to
me (I don't use any kind of package management tool for my
"do-it-yourself" GNU/Linux installation that has lived since 1994.)

You never answered me.  Now I've made the same improvement to
fileutils 4.1.  You probably still wish I didn't exist, but I mail you
the patch anyway.  I just made it, no testing at all.

Here's part of the description I mailed you five years ago.  It still

  I was missing a logging feature of the install program, so I
  modified the source to include simple logging.  If you think a
  logging install program may be useful, feel free to check this patch
  and do whatever you want with it (including throwing it away, of
  course). I hope the logging feature will simplify the task of moving
  and removing program packages, and also to copy an installed package
  from one computer to another.

  The version in the included patch, will log to the file given by the
  environment variable INSTALL_LOG_FILE.  This way, logging may be
  done even if no logging is specified in Makefiles using the install
  program.  Lines written to the log file may be tagged with an
  identifier, taken from the environment variable INSTALL_LOG_ID.  One
  would typically set this environment variable to the name of the
  package of which one intends to do a "make install", to easily spot
  the files installed from this package.

  The patch should be performed on the fileutils-4.1 distribution:

        cd /directory/of/fileutils-4.1
        patch -p1 < the-file-containing-this-patch

  The following files are affected:


  [...] Please tell me what you do with this patch!  And while I have
  your attention, I would like to thank you for all the work and
  effort you have put into the GNU project.  I run GNU/Linux at home,
  so I rely heavily on your great work.  Thanks!

Since then, I've been running GNU/Linux both at home and at work.


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