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Re: du: error reporting filesystem usage?

From: Matt Schalit
Subject: Re: du: error reporting filesystem usage?
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 12:45:55 -0800

Paco Brufal wrote:

>         There are about 600 MB of difference in the /var partition... I am
> using ReiserFS on a Debian Potato, package fileutils is version 4.0l-8.

I can't speak to the exact error, Paco, but I can
tell you that a large number of bugs have been fixed
in the latest fileutils release.  You have a very
old version, relatively speaking.

btw, I think jim is and the other maintainer are
busy, or they would have followed up.  They are
good folks. So upgrade if at all possible in the
meantime and retest.


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