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RE: Bug in "ln -d"

From: Ed Marden
Subject: RE: Bug in "ln -d"
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:44:05 -0000

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From: Bob Proulx [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 23 February 2002 05:57

[Ed Marden Said:]
>> There seems to be a problem with making a hard link to a directory, the
>> page says that it should be possible, but it's not.

[Bob Proulx replied]
That depends upon the underlying filesystem.  For example, on HP-UX on
a HFS filesystem you can but on a vxfs filesystem you can't.  Most
modern systems are vxfs.
Thanks Bob,
I had suspected that it was an issue with the underlying filesystem, but
it's nice to have it confirmed.

I would think it might be prudent for the maintainer to update the man page
with a short note to this effect, perhaps just adding "where the underlying
filesystem allows." in the relevant place, to avoid people like me asking
this question again.

Ed Marden.

PS. For anyone who is interested, on a Linux system with an ext2 file system
you can achieve the same thing as a hard link to a directory with a
"mount --bind".
If you are really desperate that is...

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