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Re: chown problem

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: chown problem
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 04:42:26 -0700

>   But when used, "chown" bugs furiously and dumps a core, no matter its 
> ownerchip nor permissions.
> Do you have a way to solve the problem.

About the best way to debug these problems is to compile with the -g
option and to run it within a debugger.  The debugger will capture the
violation.  If you would report back what it says that would be
great.  The important information is where in the source code the
violation occurs.

  CFLAGS=-g ./configure

Alternately if you have a tool on your operating system that can trace
system calls that would also provide some information.  On HP-UX it
would be called tusc, on Linux strace, etc.  I am not a Solaris user
and have no idea what would be appropriate there.

Please trim the output if it is too big.  Once I asked for the trace
output and the problem was an infinite loop which caused a stack
overflowed.  The user mailed the hundreds of megabytes of stack trace
to the mailing list.  I admit I asked for it!  But it was way too big
for the mailing list to handle.  Please use your best judgement.


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