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Re: Bug in ln?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Bug in ln?
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 04:53:26 -0700

> See the script in atach.

Thank you for the very nicely compact illustration of the problem.  It
was excellently small and directly to the problem.

> It segfaults in Mandrake 8.1

Expanding on this a little more shows this output:

address@hidden /tmp]$ mkdir ln_bug
address@hidden /tmp]$ cd ln_bug
address@hidden ln_bug]$ mkdirhier libgnome-2.0/libgnome
address@hidden ln_bug]$ ln -sf libgnome-2.0/ libgnome
address@hidden ln_bug]$ ln -sf libgnome-2.0/libgnome/ libgnome
ln: basename.c:68: base_name: Assertion `all_slashes || !((*(p - 1)) == '/')' 
address@hidden ln_bug]$ ln --version
ln (fileutils) 4.1

However, 4.1.5 shows this output.  So I believe it has already been
fixed in the latest testing versions.

address@hidden:/tmp/ln_bug: ln -sf libgnome-2.0/libgnome/ libgnome
ln: `libgnome-2.0/libgnome/' and `libgnome/libgnome' are the same file
address@hidden:/tmp/ln_bug: ln --version
ln (fileutils) 4.1.5

The latest testing version is available here.



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