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4.1.7 ls -al breaks emacs 20.7.1 dired; -D, --time-style irrelevant

From: Cgweav
Subject: 4.1.7 ls -al breaks emacs 20.7.1 dired; -D, --time-style irrelevant
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 18:31:21 EST

dired mode in gnu emacs 20.7.1 is so far unable to associate a filename
in a dired buffer with an actual file when using the ls from fileutils-4.1.7. (Note: this may be a dired.el bug with option setting.)

dired reads the directory listing ok, ie it displays a buffer with all of
the usual "ls -al dirname" output, but when you "press Enter" with
the cursor on a line with a filename, emacs reports "No file on this

I added -D to a Customize (emacs subsystem implemented in elisp)
variable (in dired.el) for setting the options to ls, but that had no effect Possibly dired-read is ignoring this variable and using compile time defaults, but I don't know that for sure yet.

I added "--time-style=locale" as well, which fixed up the date display
to match that from the ls in fileutils-4.0, but that also had no effect. dired still claims that the line does not contain a filename.

I did some experimenting with ls -l output on the command line, and the one thing I noticed was an extra space in between the first and second fields in ls -l output that is not there in the ls from fileutils-4.0. The
begin and end figures from -D reflect the extra character, but
again I don't know if dired mode is actually using -D output. "-D"
was not in the original set of ls switches in the Customize variable
when I began to investigate this problem, so dired was operating
without it, and it may still be ignoring -D output, even after adding
-D to the Customize variable.

Is this extra space character in -l output really necessary for some permutation of ls format variables? If not, making it go away could
save a lot of faq traffic on this list and the emacs discussion groups.

(Think of all of the uses of "cut" on ls output in people's scripts.
There must be zillions of them out there. Yikes.)

If it is required, a note to the dired maintainer may yield a quick fix from the emacs side, which you could put a URL for in the fileutils
NEWS file or whatever.


Clayton Weaver
<mailto: address@hidden>

"Everyone is ignorant, just about different things."  Will Rogers

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