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Re: Fw: Problems with ln -s

From: Nyandoro
Subject: Re: Fw: Problems with ln -s
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:34:33 +0200

Please see attached file for further comments to the problem I am

These were your comments to my earlier mail

> > Is there a way to extensively check if a symbolic link has been
> > succesful or if there have been  problems in trying to link.
> The return code of the ln program will be zero if no errors occurred
> and the link creation was successful.  Check the return code.  With
> modern shells the following syntax works well.
>   if ! ln -s foo bar; then
>     echo "Error: Failed to create symlink" 1>&2
>     exit 1
>   fi
> > I have tried the obvious like testing ln -s on text editable files
> > and once I alter any of the original or symbolically linked files
> > the changes are automatically appear in the other file and vice
> > versa.
> That does sound like a functioning system.
> > Yet I suspect there is some thing wrong with my symbolic
> > links.
> What makes you suspect that something is wrong?
> > Is there any other way to extensively check my symbolic links.
> Use 'ls -ldgon' on the symlink and verify the target is what you
> Use 'ls -ldLi' which will push through the symlink and verify that the

> file works and that 'ls -ldi' on the target of the symlink has the
> same inode number.
> Bob

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