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mv changes content of file

From: Iida Yosiaki
Subject: mv changes content of file
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:10:12 -0500

It seems for me that mv in fileutils 4.1.7 changes content of file.

* How to reproduce the bug.

mkdir a b
cd a
echo foo >foo
ln foo bar
cd ../b
ln FUBAR bar
chmod a-w FUBAR bar
cd ../a
mv -i bar foo ../b

Then we are propted like this.
  mv: overwrite `../b/bar', overriding mode 0444?

Say `n'.

* What I expected.

a/bar and b/foo are linked and thus same.
b/foo and b/FUBAR are different.
b/foo and b/bar are different too.

* What I got.

a/bar and b/foo are different.
b/foo and b/FUBAR are same.
b/foo and b/bar are same.

* Why it is wrong.

mv changes the contents of foo, which I think should not.

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