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ls --full-time (full-iso, locale)

From: Tom
Subject: ls --full-time (full-iso, locale)
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 23:42:40 -0800 (PST)

I hope you don't consider this question too
stupid. I did read the FAQ and look through
the archives (and I must say that you guys
have the patience of Job).

I have always used the full-time option with ls
(just because I like it that way). I have it
aliased in my login scripts.

I had my first encounter with Mandrake 8.2
recently (i386 of course), which I think uses
fileutils 4.1.6.

The --full-time option now uses full-iso. I
like the fact that I get a completely numeric
time stamp, but it shows NINE digits to the
right of the decimal point for seconds (down
to the billionth of a second). I don't think
I would find that too useful even if Linux did
have that level of precision (it only stores
times to the second, I believe). Also, I could
do without the zone offset.

I read the man page that (sort of) explained
the change. I tried for a while to come up
with something I would like better (I want
all files to show the stamp to the second,
and would consider the full-iso format with
truncation to the second absolutely ideal)
by trying the other options for --time-style,
but to no avail. I even tried changing the
LC_TIME locale variable to ru_RU, but I still
got the traditional format (a three letter
abbreviation for the month in English). Any

Thank you for your help.

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