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From: Kåre Jonsson
Subject: sync
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 15:21:45 +0200
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I did 'PROMPTER> man sync' and found this to be the trouble report place for sync.

I believe sync caused me trouble.

I've used a partucular floppy (1.44 MB 3.5" - CLASSIC HD) for some time. Lets say 3 months and I write a journal/diary on it. I would say that for an average I write to it 2-3 times a day, and read from it once a day. I carry this disc between a DELL win 98, office 97 pc at home and a FUJITSU-SIEMENS Lifebook S Series running Debian Linux 2.4.18 with a FUJITSU floppy 3.5" FDD unit Model FPCFDD02 ; P/N CA02950-1482 ; S/N 08Q058-2498. I am entirely sure that I had never used sync before this occasion and also that the file I was editing wore no sign of trouble before this and that the problem existed exactly after the sync operation. Furthermore. There are about 15 other files on this floppy and the file in question was the only one opened at this moment and all the other ones are okay. If I would like to trust sync and blame someone else it would demand that this was due to overusage of the floppy and that the problem occured at the same time on exactly this file from pure insidence. Since I cannot believe this (I'd be chocked by someone who did) I believe sync did it. Statistically I am definately right. The floppy unit and the floppy disc appears to be working just fine afterwards.

I was editing a rtf-file with Staroffice 5.2 at this moment.

The lost work can be reedited with 10 minutes of double work. I am not crying but I am nourishing the hope that LINUX will turn out to be the superior operating system.

Analysis of the file shows that it appears to be simply cut at a late point. After 95% och the text I would estimate. This analysis was done by typing 'PROMPTER> cat april2002 > x.txt ; vi x.txt'. It could not be read by staroffice (or word) cause there is now a format error if it is to be interpreted as RTF.

My friend who hinted me about sync receives a copy of this e-mail. I wanted to flush my file to disc in some better way than unmounting and then mounting it back.

I would be interested if there is any knowledge about this problem or if I can help you further.

Kind regards,
Kåre Jonsson

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