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mknod for type 'SOCKET'

From: Raghuprasad Govindarao
Subject: mknod for type 'SOCKET'
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 11:39:42 -0400

Hi there,
1.      Our product is a Backup-Restore product. 
2.      On HP11.00 Platforms, when Unix Domain Sockets are created, there is
a /tmp/<socket_path_name> created for the UNIX PATH.

Issue: Our Backup Products are able to backup this empty file with type
"SOCK" (I_ISSOCK = TRUE). But when we restore, the same file, system
does not let us create a file with MODE as SOCKET... (As that is what is
backed up). But what we find from our experience is: the same types are
able to be restored successfully on Solaris and Linux. WHy we can't do that
on HP or is there any way of doing it?

CommVault Systems Inc.
732 870 4932

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