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mv bug from zip drive

From: Alex Sisson
Subject: mv bug from zip drive
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 15:14:54 +0100 (BST)


I recently encountered a problem when moving files from
my ppt zip 100 drive with a FAT32 formatted disk in,
to a FAT32 partition under linux, using the following:

mv /mnt/zip/* /mnt/windows/foo/bar

The transfer is successful, but mv outputs a warning about setting
permissions on the new files, (due to FAT32 not supporting this).
However, when I try to use the zip disk again, it has a
lot of lost allocation chains (I think every file that was on it is not
successfully deleted, and becomes lost.)

I am unsure if the problem lies with mv or the driver, so that is why I
have contacted you both.

Alex Sisson

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