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Re: Help

From: David T-G
Subject: Re: Help
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 11:14:12 -0400
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Suen --

...and then Video Games said...
% I can not understand command chgrp , chroot
% I have created user a in linux
% I want to change the user a group a to user a group root.
% How to use  a command to do it?

0) You know, this isn't a bug, and bug reporting is the real purpose of
this list...  If the man pages don't give you enough information, then
you should check out a UNIX and/or Linux tutorial for some foundation.

1) You must be root to chown

2) You must own the file and change to a group of which you are a member,
or be root, to chgrp

3) chroot limits a process to a subtree as though that were the entire
system tree; it's usually used for things like incoming ftp accounts
(though it can be used for a shell account) and requires some setup (you
have to be able to find system utilities like ls and chmod and such in
the new tree, so you have to do some duplication or re-pointing).

% Best Regards
% Mr.Suen Siu Man


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