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Re: rm on NT does not resolve wildcards for absolute paths with backslas

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: rm on NT does not resolve wildcards for absolute paths with backslashes
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 08:58:03 -0600
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address@hidden <address@hidden> [2002-08-08 16:05:33 -0400]:
> For example, make a directory C:\test and touch a file in it test.txt
> Now, cd to C:\ and...
> rm C:\test\test*.* will not find the file, nor will
> rm C:\\test\\test*.*
> but
> rm C:/test/test*.* will.
> Perhaps this is beyond the scope of these tools since they are more
> unix-focused.

Yes.  And so I will redirect you to the MS-Windows ports of these
tools.  Here is standard reply for MS difficulties.

The hard work the Cygwin team has put in to developing the GNU Project
on Windows is greatly admired. However the GNU team generally uses GNU
Operating Systems and do not have access to Cygwin systems or
MS-Windows systems which means that most of us can't help you. It
would be most appreciated if you would make your bug report directly
to the Cygwin folks. They are the experts and best suited to handle
your problem.

    Cygwin Home Page

    Cygwin FAQ.

    Cygwin Bug Report Guidelines. This is a good reference for general bug

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