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du -h -d 1

From: Max Stam
Subject: du -h -d 1
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 14:30:37 +0800

Gidday Folks
I couldn't find a general contact address for the fileutils authoring group
so I sent this to here.

I just found this:

"A total size of everything in the current directory would be nice. We can
control the number of directories deep we display with du's -d flag. -d
takes one argument, the number of directories deep you want to show. A -0
will just give you a simple subtotal of the files in a directory.

#du -h -d0 $HOME
1.0G    /home/mwlucas
I have a GB in my home directory? Let's look a layer deeper and see where
the heck it is.

#du -h -d 1
 52M    ./bin
1.4M    ./.kde
 24K    ./pr
 40K    ./.ssh
2.0K    ./.cvsup
812M    ./mp3
1.0K    ./.links
5.0K    ./.moonshine
...   "

This is exactly what I want. Trouble is, it's for  BSD
I'm not game to use BSD fileutils for Redhat 7.2 Linux. (don't know enough
I know you can get a total with -c but is there any chance of getting
something similar to -d 1 to control the no of levels you see and still get
the totals, on the next version of fileutils?


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