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Problem with mt/dump commands and a st driver

From: Jean-Philippe BATTU
Subject: Problem with mt/dump commands and a st driver
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 15:41:49 +0200

Hi ;

I used a scsi tape driver (/dev/st2) on a red hat 7.2 system ia64.
when I rewind first the tape, it is ok.

when I write a long file on the tape (dump 0f /dev/st2 /dev/sda3),
dump seems to be ok, but the next rewind operation ( mt rewind )
gives an error message :
/dev/st2: Input/output error
and , in the /var/log/messages, I get :
kernel: st2: Error 26030000 (sugg. bt 0x20, driver bt 0x6, host bt 0x3).

but when I wrote a little file (tar cvf /dev/st2 /etc/passwd)
the next rewind operation will be ok.

I have no scsi conflict on my SCSI chains and I put a
terminator at the end of it.

Is it a problem with dump and mt or with my scsi device driver.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks !



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