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ls -O, rm cp mv -q for fileutils 4.1

From: Silvan
Subject: ls -O, rm cp mv -q for fileutils 4.1
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 02:13:43 -0400
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Some folks finally prodded me into sending this to you, though I am fearful 
you will pronclaim me an idiot, and yell at me for wasting your time.  :)

I wrote a patch to add -O octal output to ls, and I added a logical but 
missing -q quiet option to mv, cp and rm (to counteract -i when it's 

I'm not much of a hacker, but I've been using it on several distros for months 
now without incident, and have passed it along to a few friends, who also 
report no troubles.  My changelog change probably has to go, but I really 
think the code is clean.

I offer it for your consideration.

Michael McIntyre         USDA zone 6b in SW VA, USA
Silvan Pagan address@hidden Linux Druid

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