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Additions to du

From: Kim Ahlström
Subject: Additions to du
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 23:57:42 +0200


I have have made two additions to the du utility that I thought you might want to take a look at.

First. The addition of a -p flag. When this is used the file's size in percent relative to the total number of shown files will be printed. A downside to this is that du has to go through all files first before it can start producing output, thus making it silent for a moment.

% src/du  -p /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/
3.94%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chgrp
4.33%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chmod
3.15%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chown
11.81%  /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/cp

Second. The three kinds of output flags -kmbB, -hH and -p can now be given simultaneously and will all output their respective data followed by a tab. -kmb will print first, then -hH and last -p.

Like this:
% src/du  -p /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/
40      40K     3.94%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chgrp
44      44K     4.33%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chmod
32      32K     3.15%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chown
120     120K    11.81%  /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/cp

% src/du  -bh /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/
40960   40K     /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chgrp
45056   44K     /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chmod
32768   32K     /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chown
122880  120K    /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/cp

% src/du -p -B 5K /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/
8       3.94%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chgrp
9       4.33%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chmod
7       3.15%   /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/chown
24      11.81%  /Users/kim/temp/fileutils-4.1.11/tests/cp

Included is a diff file that was made with du.c of version 4.1.11 of the GNU Fileutils. If you want one that was made with the latest stable (4.1) instead I will more than gladly send one over.

I have tried to adhere to the GNU coding standards as thoroughly as possible and commented the code where I thought needed. I also wrote a ChangeLog entry to clarify code changes.

2002-09-18  Kim Ahlstrom  <address@hidden>

Added -p flag that prints percentage of file's size relative to all printed
        files' size. New output handling.

* src/du.c: Added global variables to handle the new -p flag and output options.
        (print_size): Rewrite to allow output from both the -kmb flags,
the -hH flags and the new -p flag at the same time. Added code to accumulate
        data for percentage calculation (-p flag).
(du_files): Print files and data accumulated by percentage calculation (-p flag). (main): Added -p flag switch-case. Modified h,H,k,m,b,B switch-cases to allow
        the -h and -H flags being active while either -kmbB flags are active.
        (usage): Explain -p flag.

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer!

Best Regards

Kim Ahlstrom
http://kim.animanga.nu/ (Swedish only)

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