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Additions to du, take 2

From: Kim Ahlström
Subject: Additions to du, take 2
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 02:27:37 +0200

Hi, i sent you some additions to du.c a few days ago.

I found an off-by-one malloc:ing error and one place were " were used instead of ' and have fixed this.

I have attached the new diff-file here. This diff should be applied to the 4.1.11 version availabe on your aplha-release server and not to a version patched with the earlier diff-file I sent you.

Here is the ChangeLog entry for the changes:
2002-09-22  Kim Ahlström  <address@hidden>

        * src/du.c: Changed " to ' for -p flag in long name initialization.
        (print_size): Off-by-one error in malloc:ing path fixed.

Best Regards
Kim Ahlstrom
http://kim.animanga.nu/ (Swedish only)

Attachment: du.4111.c.diff
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