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fileutils ls struct dirent --> glibc struct dirent64

From: Graham Swallow
Subject: fileutils ls struct dirent --> glibc struct dirent64
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 19:41:52 +0100

ls -l reports:
/hdc2/tools/2002/shell/bin/ls: : No such file or directory
/hdc2/tools/2002/shell/bin/ls: : No such file or directory
/hdc2/tools/2002/shell/bin/ls: : No such file or directory
ie each name has a NUL byte at the front

gdb shows field sizes:  ls      glibc
        struct          dirent  dirent64
        d_ino           8       8
        d_off           4       8
        d_reclen        2       2
        d_type          1       1
        d_name          ...     ...

        ls.c            line 1763       print_dir
        readdir.c       line 42         __READDIR

d_name is offset by 4 and usually picks up a NUL byte at the start.
I can guess that this is an installation issue, picking up the
wrong header, or the wrong #define, but I cant find where.
The background system is mandrake 7.2, but it SHOULD be picking
up new things all round, with a local prefix:

        glibc-2.2.5  (not libc-2.1.3)
        gcc-3.3 (CVS)
        cpu-i586 AMD

fileutils was compiled last, glibc was built with gcc-3.2 which
built 3.3, and /usr/include/linux does-> /usr/src/linux/include/linux.
ldd and type shows that the new prefixes are being used, though
they do have their own different prefixes:


I have the output from configure and build, if that helps.
The scripts I use (21K) to build with are: (a moving target)


gdb (insight-cvs) seems to be capable of resolving the different dirent
topologies, do you want me to run some utility to see what was?

I realise that my setup is confusing, but how did fileutils get
the wrong header, or modifiers?


        I saw recently that RedHat are staggering their releases,
        so that (Oracle-etc) dont fall between two levels.
        My experience is that libc-2.2.5 wont load things from 2.1.3

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