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Re: about install the acrobat reader for linux

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: about install the acrobat reader for linux
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 22:07:12 -0600
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Weidong Zhang <address@hidden> [2002-07-26 22:44:34 -0400]:
>  I downloaded the acrobat reader 5.06 for Linux, but I did not know how 
> install it
> properly. I try to follow the install --help 's suggestion, it seemed it 
> does not work.
> Then, I tried to search the website of www.adobe.com, no answer founded 
> either.
> Could you give me a suggestion about how to install it, like a sample 
> which looks
> like "install -d ??? ???" ?

You seem to be confusing the GNU 'install' program with Adobe Acrobat.
They are not related pieces of software.  Please read the info pages
with 'info install' for more information about the 'install' program.
The 'install' program has been a traditional UNIX program for many

The bug-fileutils list is devoted to the free software fileutils of
the GNU Project.  Acrobat is not free software.  I have no idea how to
install Acrobat.  You would need to go to Adobe for help with that.

However, I will recommend that you install and use 'xpdf'.  It is a
very nice program for viewing documentation in PDF format.  Xpdf is
licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Precompiled binaries for several platforms are available here.


Hope that helps,

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