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rm symlink removes the target

From: Leonardo Milano
Subject: rm symlink removes the target
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 08:11:23 -0400 (EDT)

Dear fileutils maintainers

I recently upgraded my distro to Mandrake 9.0, which comes
with fileutils-4.1.11-5mdk 
I systematically have a problem removing symbolic links
If I do "rm -i symbolic_link_name", it goes to the
directory to which the symlink points to and asks
me to delete each file.

I understand from the docs that rm is still supposed to
remove the link, not the target. 

Is that an unreported change in behavior or a bug ?.
If it's a bug, I would be very happy to give you
any more info as you need it

Many many thanks for suck wonderful utils
-- leo

  Leonardo J. Milano
  Bartol Research Institute, University of Delaware      
  217 Sharp Lab., Newark, DE 19716, USA       
  Tel: +1 302.831.1579  * address@hidden        
  Fax: +1 302.831.1843  *  http://udel.edu/~lmilano/

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