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[Help] pb w/ dd and disk read errors

From: gnu
Subject: [Help] pb w/ dd and disk read errors
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:58:31 +0200

Hi all, Sorry if this is definetly off-topic, but after hours I couldn't find anything to solve my pb. Maybe you can help. I have a 35G partition with badblocks. Unfortunetly, badblocks starts at the first sector of the partition which implies the superblock is corrupt. And my disk is just noisy (doin krr... krrr.. krrR..) Anyway, with dumpe2fs, by specifying a superblock backup, I have the all 273 Groups from the partition. Example : the last one is :
Group 273: (Blocks 8945664-8960244)
Block bitmap at 8945664 (+0), Inode bitmap at 8945665 (+1)
Inode table at 8945670-8946180 (+6)
0 free blocks, 16111 free inodes, 13 directories
Free blocks: 8945666-8945669, 8946492-8960244
Free inodes: 4464338-4480448 Okay... because the drive fails I can't run fsck on it because the disk can't write at the beginning of the partition anymore which means that I can't recover my data!! (And I have no backups ;-) Then, I tried to make a bit2bit copy of the partition with dd : dd if=/dev/hdd10 of=deadfs bs=512 conv=noerror NB : I am using conv=noerror because i want to force dd to continue even in case of I/O error like this one : hdd: dma_intr: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=48420021, sector=48 end_request: I/O error, dev 16:4a (hdd), sector 48

but it doesn't work! the file produced with the dd command has not the same count of blocks than the partition (missing 4 blocks) When I run dumpe2fs on it it prints me the right first Group but after I only have garbage (but I should have the same result than with hdd10!!) What am I doing wrong??? I've dried dd with various block sizes without any success
dumpe2fs -ob32768 -oB4096 /dev/hdd10 :
dumpe2fs -ob32768 -oB4096 ./deadfs :
give me only the first group and garbage for the other ones.
Any help GREATLY appreciated!!
Sorry for this off-topic message Cheers,

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